How To Register

If you are interested to play but you do not know how to register on this website, I will show you the details and information on how to register properly. First thing you have to do is click the LOG-IN button with the image of a computer which can be found on the upper right corner of the website.

How To Register

Then, on the upper right side, click the JOIN NOW button. See the image below.

Next one is, you have to fill-up. Every fields with asterisk symbol are required. It can be seen on the image below.

Easy and Fast Process of Registration

You can put any username you like. But make sure it is unique. It is better if your username isn’t connected to your real name. Next one is, you have to enter your active email address. After you enter your email address, enter any password you want. Any passwords will do but we recommend that make a password with numbers, capital letters and symbols.

Then, you have to enter your phone number. Your number must be an active phone number because you can use it if you want to reset your password. Next is, you have to choose the wallet where you want to deposit your money. Choose any product providers you want, but we recommend you put it on the wallet which is the default. Lastly, the bank details which is the most important. It will handle all of your withdrawal transactions that is why this is the most important field. You have to fill-up all the required fields. If you are done, click the SUBMIT button below.

After that, you can enjoy playing live dealer games.