free counter Tricks that can help you improve Your Odds at Online Roulette

Tricks that can help you improve Your Odds at Online Roulette

Roulette can be as exciting as online slots and poker, worldwide. It draws a lot of crowd when the wheel turns. People find it an easy game to grasp. Basically, if you are a newbie and don’t have idea in online roulette, this Tricks that can help you improve Your Odds at Online Roulette. Roulette is a table game that makes use of the roulette wheel and the ball. Roulette essentially offers participants the chance to bet on the number or color on which they think the number the rotating ball will end up once the roulette wheel comes to a halt. Payouts depends largely on the kind of wager placed and the amount one has placed as a bet.

Master the Basic of Roulette

Tricks that can help you improve Your Odds at Online Roulette

Tricks that can help you improve Your Odds at Online Roulette

For those who have never placed a bet on roulette before, here’s a simple walk through on the rules and game play.

Roulette is a Gambling game based on guessing the outcome of a spinning wheel. That wheel contains 36 spaces, featuring the numbers 1-36 in a random patterns across alternating red and black spaces. Along with those primary spaces, a green space bearing the 0 is included on European style single zero wheels, while American style double zero wheels adds a second green space for the 00.

Best Strategies with High Odds

Roulette is maybe the most exciting game in the casino, but for many players it is very difficult to actually make a profit at the tables. Here are some tips that you must know when you want to make more profit and increase your money.

Play roulette with a betting system, the Martingale Betting System is a great example of betting system that will guarantee a profit. The idea is to start with a lowest table limit bet size, placing your wager on an even-odds like high or low, even or odd.  Keep making the same bet but double your wager every time you lose. When you win, you will be up by one bet unit. Start back at the lowest bet size and, rinse and repeat.

D’Alembert Roulette System is s strategy that based on even chances bets. It is a relatively safe system to use, you can also place a bet on even or odd number. If you have as many wins as losses using this system you will put more profit.

Fibonacci Roulette System is an interesting strategy that uses a slower rate of progression than the martingale by winning back losses over several winning spins rather than one. It is possible to have considerably more losing spins but still come out on top.

Labouchere Roulette System is sometimes called the cancelation method, because you construct your own betting line and cancel numbers off it as you win. It is slightly more complicated than most other strategies and may require some practice to get your head around it.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s very bad idea to play your favorite roulette game when you don’t know on how you are going to play it and without having considered in your bankroll. Playing a couple of games before proceeding to the main thing will help you accrue experience and develop confidence. Once you are confident with your skills and abilities, you can proceed to playing with real money in the casino. Practicing with free games helps you to improve your betting experience and become better at predicting the outcome of a game without risking your own money.

Play the European Version

As one of the most universally recognized games, and a popular draw both online and land based casinos, Roulette attracts hundreds of thousands of games each and every day. Whilst the sinning the wheel and the range of betting options are instantly recognizable but still they are remain very similar and important for new players to understand the game.

When playing European Roulette online one will find out the betting process relatively easy. The player has to place his/her chips on the desired bet and press the spin button. Once the betting round is over, the bettor needs to choose either to place another bet or to abandon the game. Aside from easy to play. European roulette they have the technique that can applied in both real and online casinos. It has the ability to screen record spins using automated software, then replay the spins at a faster speed to obtain the required data.

The European roulette is played using a wheel that contains 37 pocket, the pocket are numbered 1-36 with additional pocket featuring the number 0. On each spins the croupier will place a ball on the outside of the wheel and spin it, allowing the ball to travel around the edge for a while before falling into one of the pockets. The number corresponding to that position is the winning number.

Stick to Minimum Bets and Avoid the Betting System

When you want to increase your bankroll by playing roulette, you should stick to minimum bets that you have. Also avoid betting system like martingale betting system when you are trying to play roulette because if you try to use a betting system your minimum bet will not be suitable for you. If you lose to your existing bet, your next bet will be double when you bet in another round of game.


Playing online roulette will give you more chances of winning. So, if you are looking for easy to understand and slow placed table game and are willing to sacrifice on the house edge, then feel free to play roulette. Enjoy the big wins when they come, but don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Relax, enjoy the entertainment and have fun. Online roulette game is always there for the players who love to play roulette. Play roulette if you want extended entertainment. But always remember that you play roulette not just to make more money, but also to make new experience and have fun!

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